The internet fantasy game gets old…….

I just want to take a picture and be able to post it without spending a couple of hours fixing lighting perfectly, adjusting hues or editing out any perceived “flaws” or attributes & characteristics that most people have that low lives try to put on blast to try to hurt others. It becomes draining and time consuming.

Many people feel pressure to comply with the internet’s standard of what should be a polished picture or acceptable presentation of a picture of yourself a AKA “selfie”. I know I definitely have felt that pressure.

So, here’s me putting it out there – no editing, no photoshop.

I’m getting tired of having to be polished and create a fantasy on Instagram or any other SNS.

We have “natural photoshop” and beautifying tools in real life; for example, I just stood in front of a giant window on a sunny day.

Saves time and confidence.

p.s. I was lucky with this nice lighting lol.




Has anyone else felt this way before? I miss the old days where I’d take pictures on my crappy digital camera and just pop them on my computer without any fear that someone was going to try and rip apart any “flaws” or doubting my own self image.

The only factors I had to work with was real life lighting and angles. Now since the creation of SNS and photo editing programs other factors come into play- color correction, lighting, highlights & shadows, blurring techniques, sharpening, filters, gama, exposure, hues in the highs mids and lows…..

I’m not saying these are a bad tools to use and work with, people do this type of creative work as their career/profession. It’s a wonderful way to express oneself. Heck, I used editing and photography as a creative outlet for some time(it’s a form of creative expression and art); however, now for me personally, it has become an issue due to the “dog eat dog”, “wild west” environment that internet has morphed into.

If you’re not polished and flawless in your photos online – you get bullied and ripped apart. Oh, and god forbid you use these tools openly *gasp* you’ll then get bullied relentlessly if you are open about photo correction or don’t divulge all your tools to any stranger that demands an answer of a list of what you used. It’s a paradox, quite ironic.

People want perfect pictures, but if you’re perceived to be too perfect “threatening others own self image” (AKA an unjustified excuse for jealous bullies to use to hurt you) or use these tools openly, either way – you’re fucked. Our whole beauty industry in our society is edited, color corrected, polished, etc., yet many people crucify those who are living up to the beauty standard that our society demands.

I am rebeling against SHOULDS and SHOULDN’TS in how we view our own self image in our self degrading society. It’s exhausting to keep up with society’s message of self doubt and cutting ourselves down. I just want to be me, love myself and accept my own self image without having to “correct” it with a program to be acceptable for others.

What are your thoughts?

This doesn’t mean I’ll never use a filter on instagram again or swear off corrective lighting; however, this does mean I’m giving myself permission to post pictures without the cracking pressure of online’s societal beauty standard of “perfection”.

Bottom line – beat and dance to the sound of your own drum, do whatever makes you happy (as long as you’re not hurting others), love yourself and DO YOU!

This is me, doing me.

August 25, 2015

The internet fantasy game gets old…

The internet fantasy game gets old……. I just want to take a picture and be able to post it without spending a couple of hours fixing […]