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  • Please do more makeup tutorials! All your previous ones got so many views, I think you'd really successful at it. Your makeup is always on point

    Thanks! A lot go the makeup brands I used in those videos I don’t wear anymore. I wear organic makeup with more natural ingredients now. I learned what I put on my body is extremely important because it soaks into your bloodstream and does not have your stomach/kidneys/liver to filter out chemicals that a lot of cosmetics have these days. I could do makeup videos with the cosmetics I use now possibly? ^ ^

    I don't remember if I already asked you this question. If I did, bare with me. Are you familiar with mbti? If yes, do you know your type?

    I am an ENFJ personality type.

    Do you think you could post more pictures of your hairstyles on your blog or insta? They're always so pretty

    Of course! ;3 

    This is not really a question but I sometimes listen to 'A Message of Hope: Bullying, Harassment, Stalking & Rape' on audio and then I feel much better. So thank you a lot for being there for me <3

    I am so happy my message has helped you! I want to be there for those who are going through dark times. So many people have a dog-eat-dog self hating and hate others mentality. I just want to be a safe place for people to go to, feel supported and not to feel alone going through these types of experiences. I'm always here for ya!

    will you ever start selling the diamond shaped necklaces again? sorry i don't know if they have a name but they are so cute.

    Awe thanks! I started that business in 2007 and it was very successful. I discontinued it due to heartbreak and stress from insane people stalking and harassing me (adults harassing me when I was 14 years old to even today). It is hard to run a small business from the get-go, so when you have crazy people who threaten your life and come to your house at all hours of the night trying to terrorize you, it's extremely difficult to maintain a demanding and growing business when you're stressed and fearing for your life.  I still have stock and can make diamond necklaces if anyone would like to have one!

    email me at

    Hello, I just wanted to say after following you for years that I am so glad you are safe and I hope that all your worries about the people harassing you will be gone soon. My question is regarding nutrition. I restricted my calories in an extreme way when I was younger (I'm your age), and I just notice that the foods you prepare on youtube are very low in calories. Being a vegan myself I'm a nazi when it comes to getting enough in. Do you get above 2500 a day, do you restrict, or don't mind?

    Thank you! I don't count calories, but I get what you mean by wanting to get enough in your body. When eating raw foods I suggest eating a large quantity. Rather than 1 apple, try eating 3 or even 5 of them. There are some raw foodists that will eat 30 bananas a day. My stomach gets full pretty easily, so eating that amount would probably make me ill lol. I don't pay attention to calorie count, but rather how my body feels and what I intuitively need to eat and how much. I just tap in and listen to my body rather than limiting or trying got reach a certain calorie with my foods. I think that would stress me out/overwhelm me if I did that kind of thing. 

    Hey kiki! I have been watching your videos for ages and I love your music! I liked sonic gem as it was like a video game and had an enchanted feel but also love Kato! Any new music coming out soon? Lots of love x

    Thanks so much! yes, I have plans to produce more music in the future. My music tastes evolve just as I do as a person, so my next EP will reflect who I am at this point of my life just as my other EPs did ^ ^ Thank you for listening and loving my music. It makes me heart jump for joy!

    Wow! Thank you for your kind amazing words. You motivate em to continue to help others online and share my story. ^ ^

    I have something big to say that doesn't fit in this ask box. Can I have an e-mail or something similar to send it to?

    email me at

    Do you take any vitamins/supplements to keep you healthy?

    I don't usually take vitamins. I take an antioxidant sometimes if I find myself in a smokey area or if I inhale someone else's smoke on the street, but other than that I don't take vitamins regularly. Staying healthy is about exercise, positive mindset and eating right. There are extremely healthy vegans and extremely sick people who eat meat. It's not entirely about the food you eat or what diet you have. I believe it's more about the entire lifestyle in how you feel, think and treat your body. 

    Why did you stop posting videos twice a week?

    On my latest blog post on I explain the delay

    Did you know cordyceps is not vegan? It grows exclusively on insect carcasses.

    I do not personally ingest that kind of cordyceps and that type cordyceps are not common on the market. Cordyceps are not exclusively grown on insect carcuses. When I have taken it in the past is it grown on rice, not ants. There are many sources for vegan cordyceps grown on rice and wood. Please research it online. Thank you!

    Are/were you insecure about anything of yourself, physical appearance wise?( I experience it and will go under a nose job to feel better)

    In the past people would try to bully me about being thin or for having strong features (heck some self hating people still do sit on their butt all day and try to pick me apart online), but I had learned to love myself and all that I am. I refuse to let someone make me feel as if I need to change myself because of their own jealousy issues or their ideal beauty standards are.

     LOVE YOUR NOSE!!!! Please learn how to love your nose and your features. Having your nose done will not cure the root problem of having low self confidence or being insecure about external appearances. What if the doctor botches your nose? What if the doctor hurts your nose in a way that leaves you in physical pain for the rest of your life that will add to the mental pain you already have existing? And if you get the type of nose look you want, what if someone attacks something else about your body? Will you have the aching need to have surgery to change that part of your body? What if someone attacks your new nose and says "Oh it looked much better before" (trust me negative people will try to make you change and then say you looked better before - they love hurting people and then ripping them down even more when they know they have control over you).

    I have known people who have gone under the knife in hopes to feel better about themselves and they were left feeling worse than they did before going under. You cannot undo surgery, you cannot undo the cartilage taken out of your nose. You CAN undo insecurity issues and you CAN undo low self confidence and you CAN undo the pain other people have cause you by trying to make you feel bad about the way you look. 
Embrace your nose, embrace your body. Hey, if you ever feel bad about your nose look at Cleopatra. She has a very strong nose and was considered one of the most beautiful, educated and strong women that once lived. Back in the day women could not be in power positions if they did not have strong features because no man would take her seriously. EMBRACE YOUR POWER! You are so special and unique! Don't go into the cookie cutter line because of how the "beauty standards" are set up today to make money for companies. You are so much more than that doll!
  You are not a beauty standard, YOU ARE THE EMBODIMENT OF BEAUTY.

    Jealous self hating people used to harass me all the time about my nose online. They still do today send me nasty anonymous asks trying to make me feel bad about my features or my thin body. And you know what? None of it effects me. Their own self hatred for themselves could never make me hate myself ever again. I was there once when I was younger, but I was able to UNDO the pain I had for myself without doing something I can't undo - like surgery. You can develop this unbreakable strength and self love for yourself. You really can!!! (Use uplifting mantras for self love and acceptance everyday, it really works, just do it consistently even if you think its dumb at first. It's reprogramming your thoughts and mind. Your mind is a tool and mantras will reprogram it into a positive state rather than a negative one.)

     If you let people make you feel bad about your features/external appearance then everyone will have a say on what you should or shouldn't look like and if you allow that, you give your power away to these people who have no business telling others how they should look or feel about themselves. If you are being harassed online about your features, just know that it's based off of jealousy and these people absolutely hate themselves. They will try to find anything they think you're insecure about and magnify it and try to destroy you. I love the way my nose looks, but there are self hating sad people online that think it's a weak or sensitive subject for me and use to try and hurt me. They will use anything they think you're sensitive about and use it to hurt you (but the reality is they are actually very insecure about their own features, so when they attack you about yours, they're actually just reflecting what they truly think about themselves- they hate their own features, they hate their own nose so they will attack others to try and make them feel better about themselves- which btw NEVER works for them, they've got it backwards and too caught up in their own self hatred to even realize they are spinning in circles and digging their own graves of misery. It's really sad. Don't take on their own thoughts of feelings about themselves. It's not yours to process or bare. Forgive them, shake it off, send back their own negativity to them (the source) and free yourself of the negative chatter. You are free, you are magnificent, you are one of a kind. It's truly amazing to be you. Embrace it, know it, feel it and accept it doll!

 There are extremely beautiful women with strong features are prominent noses. Look at Indian women, Native American women, Egyptian women, Polish women, Iranian women - GORGEOUS! And they have high bridges and beautiful curves in their noses and asymmetrical noses that cannot be duplicated that are BEAUTIFUL that no one else can have even if they go to a surgeon. They don't have cookie cutter noses straight from the surgeon's portfolio. 

Every feature is truly beautiful because of how a person holds him or herself with it.  

     Beauty really comes down to the energy you have and emit. If you have self love and love for others you will magnify this beautiful energy around you and others will notice. Think about this, have you ever seen someone who you thought that fit the beauty standards you look up to, yet there is something about them that their energy repels you or is missing that "spark"? Have you ever seen someone who does not fit what you look up to, but their energy is amazing and you find that person just absolutely gorgeous? BEAUTY IS THE POSITIVE ENERGY YOU EMIT. You can have beauty and have others notice it NO MATTER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE. Take the external appearance out of the equation; it's just a distraction to you obtaining true beauty and magnificence which is an energy of self love and acceptance. Other people feel that energy around you and want to be around you and want to talk to you and be with you. It's all a type of energy. Embody the energy of beauty. You already are beautiful, you just need to realize it and accept it. Surrender to the energy of beauty that resides within you and let it grow more everyday with the positive you feed and nurture it with. 

    Where do you live now? Are you still living/going to school in Japan? What are you going to school for? Do you have a job, if so what is it, if not how do you make money? Do you still have an online shop? Sorry I'm very curious haha

    Hi! I keep all of that information private due to negative people online trying to hurt me in real life by attempting to destroy opportunities and damage my relationships in my interpersonal life. Some very demented people online have gone to crazy lengths to hurt me and keep me from success in my real life through obtaining information online and using it to target me, my loved ones, friends, people I go to school with, professors in my academic life, my viewers online and my co-workers in my working life. I hope you understand. None of their attempts are successful when I keep my private life, private. I do still have a shop. It's now at shop.lilkitten.comWhat these people fail to see is that their wishes for me to be unsuccessful in my life boomarang back to them. It's funny how they question why success and good health evades them when they are making it their mission to make others miserable. What you put into life is what you get out of it - these people are only putting negativity in and getting negativity out of it.

    Do you think you will ever go back to coloring your hair?

    Probably not. My hair is healthier this way and I like my natural hair color. ^ ^ I've already experienced every hair color in the book.

    since you're vegan what is the number 1 food you miss the most?

    When I first transitioned to veganism, I craved cheese and cream cheese. I don't crave it anymore though. I had to even think hard about back in the day if I "missed" anything before answering this question since I don't crave those things anymore at all.I just really like salty fatty foods LOL.I don't miss any non-vegan foods now because there are so many great veggie substitutes out there and my body does not crave dairy anymore (I think dairy is really addictive for our bodies in a bad way, especially cheese!). I am a vegan for the animals and this planet. I also feel better as a vegan mentally and physically. That's what keeps me focused and not missing any eggs or dairy.

    You were talking about chakras. So I was wondering, if you subscribe to eastern spiritual systems, or a kind of combination of beliefs. I watched some of your videos and you do seem very spiritual. Aside from that, do you believe in a God or are you agnostic/atheistic?

    I am very much into Buddhism and eastern philosophy regarding spirituality. I also study energy work and herbalism as I am VERY empathic. I take on other people's emotions easily (not on purpose by any means), so I've had to learn how to protect myself and learn what emotions are really mine and what emotions I am processing for other people. I prefer not to limit or label myself as any one thing; however, I view myself as an ever-changing evolving human being based on my experiences and realizations as I progress on my earthly journey. 

    Why did you choose "kannibal" for your nickname? I'm just curious, I love it ♡

    It was a name my sister came up with when I was 12 and she was 9 while we were brainstorming together about names to go by online. It just stuck lol. I don't feel that's my identity, so I never felt  a need or a desire to do many name changes through the different phases in my life (I don't' associate my identity as a person with a screename online if you get what I mean). Because you can't change your URL on many sites, I never changed it lol. 

    What do you do to detox your body?

    Conscious breathing, exercise, and eating foods that are closer to nature. If you want to detox a certain organ of your body, eat the types of foods that help that organ.

    What "enlightened" you or had you come to the decision to lead a more natural lifestyle, and stop with the hairdye/piercings etc

    I used the hair dye and piercings as a shield after being bullied and beat up in middle school. I wanted to look tough so people would stop trying to hurt me. It also was a creative outlet for me to release any pain I had by experimenting with my look. At 17 I started healing myself after I hit rock bottom and I was sick of attracting negative experiences and people into my life. I started working on the root cause, which was the hurt I experienced from people abusing me in school and online. I then tapped deeper into my spirituality and began to broaden my outlook on life. I started working on loving myself, building my confidence back up and dispel of any unworthiness I felt due to abuse from others. I also had a few health problems and discovered the mind to body connection. My thoughts and how I stored my experienced were manifesting themselves into health conditions and dark mindsets. I no longer wanted to process other people's issues with their abuse, so I started to get rid of any negative chatter that others had pushed onto me. I began to become my own best friend and declare I am worthy of love, respect, happiness, health, beauty and positive experiences. It took many years to feel comfortable after people's attempts to rip me down and make me nonexistent on this planet; however, I feel stronger than ever and I feel comfortable and happy with myself after going through everything. I did a phoenix transition.